Vapor King Wet Blast Cabinet

ATTENTION: Remanufacturers

The Vapor King Blast Cabinet is manufactured by Eclipse Surface Technologies. ESCA Blast, being the authorized dealer of Eclipse Surface Technologies, brings to you a new concept of a wet blasting cabinet. This new technology can be used indoors for all your surface prep applications. Vapor King enables users to wet blast inside the cabinet with direct pressure allowing for easy containment.


  • Eliminates warping and other surface damage typically found when dry blasting
  • Perform non-destructive cleaning OR create custom profiles
  • Safe on soft metals, fiberglass, carbon fiber and aluminum
  • One step process for degreasing and oil removal
  • Removes paint, rust, carbon deposits, sludge and more

The Vapor King comes complete with our 900 CFM mist collector as well as a window wiper for optimal visibility.


Overall Dimensions: Depth: 36 inches, Width: 48 inches, Height: 75 inches
Door Openings: Side Doors: 30 x 30 inches
Weight: 400+ lbs
Recommended Minimum CFM (with #5 Nozzle): 80 to 90 CFM