Media – JetMag

What is Jet-Mag?

Jet-Mag is a silica and heavy metal free direct replacement for silica sand, coal and copper slag, Black Beauty, Star Blast and natural olivine.

Eco and Operator-friendly Blasting Media

Jet-Mag is non-hazardous, non-toxic and completely inert, so is safe to use around water. Jet-Mag dust is classified by OSHA/NIOSH as only “nuisance” dust because it contains less than 1% free silica. Jet-Mag also does not contain virtually any of the OSHA identified Heavy/Toxic Metals associated with slags and some other mineral abrasives like Black Beauty. Lastly, Jet Mag is brown in color, and depending on your projects containment requirements, can sometimes be left behind as it easily blends in with dirt and grass.  In fact, Jet Mag is a preferred packing material for geothermal pumps because is it completely safe for the environment.

Benefits of Jet-Mag Blasting:

Unlike slags, Jet-Mag is a non-toxic material due to its chemical and mineral composition. Jet-Mag is classified as a hard abrasive but is also less dense than most other hard abrasives. This increased volume effect translates into major cost savings, as one pound of Jet-Mag will last longer than one pound of slag. Jet-Mag will also recycle up to 4 times with a reclamation system and can be used in all types of sand blast pots, including slurry systems.

Jet-Mag comes in a variety of sizes to meet your blasting needs.

We are now carrying a new Jet-Mag product called 35/70 Special. This grade is specifically engineered for vapor/slurry blasters.  This product is a blend of 85% 40/50 mesh and 15% 30/40 mesh. It will still flow well with water AND is a little more aggressive than just straight 35/70 (40/50 mesh).

Technical Info:
Mesh Hardness Profile Applications
16 – 20 7.5 2.5 – 4 Hard rust & deep cavities – steel boat & bridge reconditioning – heavily painted -Structural or rusted steel – concrete
20 – 24 7.5 2.5 – 4 Hard rust & deep cavities – steel boat & bridge reconditioning – heavily painted -Structural or rusted steel – concrete – industrial equipment – trucks
30 – 40 7.5 2 – 3 New and painted steel – rust removal/large truck wheels – construction equipment – concrete – mill scale removal
40 – 50 7.5 1.5 – 3 Cars and truck frames – rust removal – engineered for Vapor Blasters
60 – 70 7.5 .5 – 1 new steel – industrial equipment – cars and truck frames

Ordering Info:

Packaged in 55 lb bags FOB Hatfield, PA (Philadelphia Area) – Full skid contain (50) 55 lb bags – Full or Partial skids available FOB Charlotte, NC – Full skid contain (56) 55 lb bags – Full skid orders only Visit our shipping rates page for more information on shipping to your location For more information or to place an order, contact us or request a quote.