Blasting Services

For companies and owners who prefer to outsource their sand blasting, soda blasting and surface preparation projects, ESCA Blast offers a full range of blasting services.

We do “traditional” sandblasting service using silica-free media, as well as “specialty” blasting such as Emergency Response Vehicles and other sensitive substrates using baking soda.

Paint Stripping and Surface Preparation Solutions

Cleaning and Restoration

Industrial Parts Finishing

In-house or Mobile Projects

Our blast shop is equipped to handle both large and heavy items. Our facility measures 60′ long x 22′ wide x 17′ high and is designed to house any size trailer, odd-sized and/or heavy industrial parts, drilling and construction equipment, cars, tractors, and all types of trucks and emergency response vehicles. We also can provide pick-up and delivery service for many parts and equipment using ESCA-owned vehicles.

We also go mobile – we own a portable 2 pot blast systems that goes far and wide. For areas we do not serve directly, we will refer you to a qualified contractor – our network is nationwide, so please don’t hesitate to contact us regardless of where you are located.


For more information on our blasting services, contact us or request a quote.