ECO – 200 Coming Soon

The ECO-FLEX  ECO-200 can perform multiple types of cleaning and blasting:

  • Dustless Blasting
  • Historic Preservation / Delicate Cleaning
  • Commercial, Chemical-free cleaning
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Paint Removal
  • Surface Prep
  • Fire and Mold Remediation
  • Sand and Soda Blasting

ECO-200 Features:

  • All-Aluminum Construction

Lightweight and portable.  Take this unit anywhere – onto scaffolding or aerial lifts, basements, and attics, and any other hard to reach the area.  All-Aluminum also means expect years of service and low yearly maintenance – no rust or corrosion.

  • ECO-FLEX = Flexibility

Multi-media (can run both soft and hard abrasives without any valve changes) Wet OR Dry operation Hooks up to standard garden hose OR portable water tote Interchangeable Nozzle Tips: precision AND broad spray patterns available Low AND High pressures, from 15 PSI – 120+ PSI Works with small (60 CFM) AND large air compressors (185+ CFM) Lots of uses: Industrial plant cleanups, clean and strip “in place”, automotive, building maintenance, gentle cleaning projects……..and more!

  • ECO-200 Package

2.0 Cubic Foot Capacity (50-100lbs of media depending on type) 30′ Blast Hose “Hand Gun-like” trigger and nozzle holder Fast Fill Media Funnel

  • Available Options

Tungsten Carbide (Hardened Steel) Nozzle Tip Kit ESCA-Aire Air Drying Systems H2O TO GO portable water tote All-in-One Mobile Rigs Extension Blast hoses

  • Additional Info on using our equipment for Historic Preservation Projects

Many conservators and preservationists have found using our equipment represents a better way to clean and restore old and historic building facades, monuments, deteriorating architectural elements, and many other objects where extreme caution is required. In fact, we have worked with prominent architects and professionals who have discovered this technology can in many cases achieve the same or even better results than laser cleaning at a fraction of the cost and time usually associated with that method.

If you are responsible for a special cleaning project, give us a call – chance are we can help.  Here are just a few of the projects where our equipment has been used successfully:

The White House Capitol Hill Monticello High Bride Park (NYC) West Point Academy Rodin Museum Ulysses S. Grant Memorial Any many more……

Equipment Repair & Technical Support