Farrow System

What exactly is a Farrow System?

Farrow Systems are Slurry Systems – they mix water with a blasting media to create a slurry mixture which gets delivered under pressure to the surface that needs cleaning.

Does a slurry system eliminate the need for containment?

Containment is job specific, no matter what method is used. Farrow Systems still generate a mist, and that mist does contain both the blasting media being used and any of the contaminants which are being removed.

I have seen Olivine featured on many Farrow websites and literature – what is it?

Olivine is Lava, and was originally what the manufacturer recommended for use in its equipment. It does contain heavy metals (nickel, chromium, etc.), and is not considered as Eco-Friendly as other blast medias found of the market today. Olivine is also classified as a hard abrasive, even when used at a low pressure. Olivine can do damage to “soft” building facades, including Limestone and Brick.

Can I run other media types through my Farrow Unit?

Yes. We know many Farrow System owners who use more Eco-Friendly blast medias, including Crushed Glass, MaxxStrip, and Baking Soda.

I am considering purchasing a Farrow System – any advice?

Call us first! Farrow Systems have numerous limitations. In Northern climates, they are 3-season systems, and cannot be used during winter months. Farrow Systems always require a water source, which may not be practical depending on the job site. Lastly, because these systems approach the market with a “one size fits all” method, they do not offer as much versatility as other blast systems. Farrow Systems can only be used as slurry systems, so although they do a decent job with outdoor cleaning projects, they cannot be used indoors without creating a mess, and they also do not lend themselves well to jobs which require a specific profile or finish.