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Vintage Limestone Building Exterior Cleaning FAQs

What cleaning system was used?

IBIX I9 and 60 CFM @ 100psi Compressor

What media was used? More than one?

Carbonart – Crushed Limestone (only one)

What are cleaning tips that relate to this project?

Carbonart used at low pressure on Limestone will not harm surface. Containment and Clean up are simple because minimal non-hazardous waste is generated. Performing process wet eliminates dust concerns. No special arrangements had to be made to accommodate operators or equipment — it is highly portable and does not produce a lot of noise — sounds no louder than lawn mowing operation.

How long did the “dirt” build up before cleaning?

Soil condition represented original build up — 80+ years old.

How old is the building? What is it made of?

Yes — Limestone and Marble material, but we only cleaned the certain limestone portions. Yes, it is considered a historic structure, and yes, built in 1928.

How long did the entire cleaning project take.

Took 2 weeks of a normal work week, 8 hours per day, no shut downs required — office workers were not disrupted — in fact they were able to see operators doing job from their office windows.

What city and state?

Washington, DC

Time of year?


What is this building used for? What does it store?

Events — graduations, concerts, etc. Also houses large collection of American Revolution items, and also functions as National HQ for the DAR organization.