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H20 To Go

H2O To Go provides a highly portable on demand water supply for all your blasting needs.  Is your project in a remote area?  No problem – H2O To Go can not only act as your water supply, but you can also add your Hold Tight rust inhibitor to the tank for 1 step wet blasting. Simple to use – Rugged Design H2O To Go “Briefcase” Model: Our Briefcase unit is all you need if you already have a water tote.  Simply connect quick connect airline, insert siphon tube into your water tank, and connect outlet water hose to your machine or nozzle. Many clients tell us H2O To Go literally “saved the day” for them and they don’t leave home without it anymore – it truly is a great addition to any contractor’s “toolbox”. For more information or to place an order, contact us or request a quote.