request a quoteMany body shops and auto restoration companies use soda blasting on a daily basis, as they have discovered soda can achieve better results than using solvents, dip tanks, and other types of abrasives. Baking Soda does not cause any embedment issues, as it simply washes away prior to repainting. Soda will not harm aluminum or magnesium parts (the picture shown here is of a Ferrari Transmission made of magnesium that was soda blasted in order to preserve this one-of-a-kind part that came from a one-of-a-kind million dollar Ferrari).

Even Corvettes can be depainted today using baking soda as it does not harm the fiberglass. Baking Soda even acts as a rust inhibitor. A blasted part is protected by the leftover soda residue, keeping it safe from flash rusting until ready for paint. A thorough rinse is all it needs prior to painting.

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