Building Restoration

Just like at home, companies and contractors are discovering soda blasting has many uses in both commercial and industrial situations. Below lists just a few of the types of projects we regularly get involved with.

Building Restoration – Limestone Restoration, Marble Restoration, Masonry Restoration

Soda Blasting can quickly and effectively restore a building facade to its original luster without the use of chemicals or risk of damage, especially when working on softer materials like limestone and brick. Years of soot and grime can be “blasted” away in minutes. This case study tells a great story of a project we supplied and how soft media blasting helped bring back to life a limestone WW Headquarters building complex without upsetting the surrounding nature preserve.

Fire Remediation and Flood Remediation

Soda blasting is the best method for fire damage clean up and restoring flood damaged properties. Traditional blasting methods still rely on labor intensive scrubbing and use of harsh chemicals and bleach. Soda blasting offers a much quicker way to get a property ready for re-occupation, as blasting can cover many square feet per minute, literally producing the same output as a small crew of manual laborers. Soda blasting will work for smoke damage restoration, water damage restoration, and fire damage restoration.

Soda Blasting also eliminates the odors associated with this kind of damage. Soda “dust” follows the same path that the smoke or water took, absorbing the odors along the way – making Soda Blasting a one-step method, which saves everyone time and money.

We work with A LOT of restoration companies. Sometimes they subcontract the soda blast work to us or one of our preferred contractors, and sometimes they prefer to perform the work themselves. In these cases we rent them the required soda blast equipment and personal protection equipment (PPE) along with supplying the blast media.

Call us first – we can help guide you through estimating your project, and once you win the bid, help you get the work done on time and on budget.

Graffiti Removal

grafitti_before_afterGraffiti is no match for a soda blaster – we helped the City of Philadelphia discover this recently. City Hall Park was being overrun by skateboarders and graffiti artists, leaving behind a lot of wax and markings on City-owned benches, fountains, and walk ways. They tried every chemical graffiti remover they had access to. They also tried hot water pressure washing and other mechanical methods. Nothing worked. We were invited in for a demo – we were able to remove the wax and unique markings in seconds. When we were done, the City had to simply wash away the soda residue, as it is non-toxic and non-hazardous.

Many municipalities have found Soda Blasting to be an effective means for removing Graffiti. For townships who only have an occasional problem, it usually makes sense to outsource the task. Call us first – as a single source supplier, we can help you get the work done or set you up to self-perform the work.

Industrial Maintenance

Many companies are trying hard to eliminate the use of harsh chemicals and solvents in the workplace. We also work with companies who currently spend a lot of man-hours performing a mission critical cleaning task, not realizing a better way may exist.

For instance, we currently soda blast very long mixing blades which are used to mix plastic resins together. Before us, the company cleaned these high value blades by using high heat and then manually scraping off the plastic residue. This took hours and exposed their workers to hazardous workplace conditions. They now send these to our shop, and what used to take them 8 hours, now only takes 1 hour. This has freed up valuable resources for them, and they have even discovered soda blasting is a superior way to clean these blades, as they get cleaner and are not exposed to the high temperatures previously used, reducing the “stress” this use to put on the part.

Many, many more industrial applications exist for soda blasting — too many to list here. However, if you would like to discuss your cleaning challenge more, please request more information or feel free to call our offices. We also offer free cleaning trials –  contact us for more details on how this program works.

For more information on our cleaning and restoration services, contact us or request a quote.