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ESCA Blast is a certified Small Business, and can help Contracting
Officers comply with any Small Business contracting or Green initiatives your agency or department may be involved with. Please see below for several examples on how we can help preserve and restore various edifices.

Historical Building Restoration

Soft Media Blasting can quickly and effectively restore a building façade to its original luster without the use of chemicals or risk of damage, especially when working on older and softer materials like limestone and masonry. Years of atmospheric carbon and grime buildup can be “blasted” away in minutes.

This case study tells a great story of a project we supplied and how soft media blasting helped bring back to life a limestone WW Headquarters building complex without upsetting the surrounding nature preserve.

Monument and Statue Restoration

Monuments and Statues can also be restored using Soda Blasting. Intricate surface designs get cleaned out 100%; soft and delicate metals and stone materials will not get etched or ruined; no chemicals or High Pressure washing is needed.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is no match for a soda blaster – we helped the City of Philadelphia discover this recently. City Hall Park was being overrun by skateboarders and graffiti artists, leaving behind a lot of wax and markings on City-owned benches, fountains, and walk ways. They tried every chemical graffiti remover they had access to. They also tried hot water pressure washing and other mechanical methods. Nothing worked. We were invited in for a demo – we were able to remove the wax and unique markings in seconds. When we were done, the City had to simply wash away the soda residue, as it is non-toxic and non-hazardous.

Fountain Cleaning

Our one step method can remove scale and rust stains in a very efficient manner. We only use water soluble, non-hazardous, pH neutral soft abrasives, so everything can be washed down the drain.

For more information on Government-related soda blasting and sand blasting services, contact us or request a quote.