Manufacturing & Remanufacturing

Many companies are trying hard to eliminate the use of harsh chemicals and solvents in the workplace. We also work with companies who currently spend a lot of man-hours performing a mission critical cleaning task, not realizing a better way may exist. Lastly, unlike traditional Sand Blasting, Soda Blasting can be used inside factories without the risk of damaging valuable production equipment or HVAC systems.

Miller/Coors had to repaint steel support frames inside one of their breweries. They had a very tight schedule to complete this project. They chose to strip the paint, which was an industrial-strength coating over 4-5 mils thick, with Baking Soda. This allowed them to skip over the time-consuming task of “containment”, as they were able to wash away the spent soda upon completion of the job. They also eliminated the risk of damaging surrounding production equipment and hard abrasive getting into their HVAC system. The EH&S department was thrilled with the safe working conditions Soda Blasting provided, and plan on only using this method for future facility improvements.

Another example of Soda Blasting’s benefits involves a company who uses very long mixing blades to mix plastic resins together. Before us, the company cleaned these high value blades by using high heat and then manually scraping off the plastic residue. This took hours and exposed their workers to hazardous workplace conditions. They now send these to our shop, and what use to take them 8 hours, now only takes us 1 hour. This has freed up valuable resources for them, and they have even discovered soda blasting is a superior way to clean these blades, as they get cleaner and are not exposed to the high temperatures previously used, reducing the heat stress this use to put on the part.

Many companies have also discovered the benefits of using baking soda to clean or strip precision parts and rotary equipment, as it will not embed into any cracks or crevices – soda washes away, unlike any other type of blast media, including plastic.

Hundreds of other industrial applications exist, and new ones get discovered every day. If your company has an interest in determining if soft media blasting will help solve a current problem, please contact us to discuss your project and arrange a free demonstration.

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