Paint Stripping and Surface Preparation Solutions

Stripping paint and coatings off is easy – doing it the right way is not. Because we use various blast media types, we can truly customize our approach depending on the project. We pride ourselves on working with our customers so that they can select the profile they desire. Many times, we work on delicate or sensitive substrates – in those cases, we usually end up using baking soda media. This still gets all of the paint off without creating any surface damage, warping, or rounded edges. Many times our customers find we have revealed the original profile, which can be used without any additional DA work or hand sanding.

Please view a case study on how we currently help a Roller Coaster manufacturer strip the paint off of amusement park coaster cars and prepare them for Non-Destructive Testing using Soda Blasting.

We also perform plenty of traditional sandblast jobs – the difference is we offer custom profiles, from 0 to 4 mils on any type of substrate, whereas many other blast companies utilize a “one profile fits all” approach. We also offer top-notch customer service, written quotations, free sample processing, and a satisfaction guarantee.

For projects which involve many small loose pieces, blasting may not be practical. Please visit our industrial parts washing page, as we also offer this service. Our parts washers are especially good at removing industrial paints and coatings and even tougher soil conditions such as adhesives and glues.

For more information on our paint stripping or surface preparation solutions, contact us or request a quote.