Parts Washing

Many projects involve many small loose pieces or require both interior and exterior surfaces to be cleaned or stripped. For these situations, we offer single source parts washing capabilities using a very unique, eco-friendly chemistry from the Armakleen Company. We are authorized distributors for this product, call Paint and Ink Remover, and provide both a parts washing service using this chemistry or for those companies wishing to do it themselves we can set them up with both the solution and required parts washing equipment.

Go Green AND Save Money

Although this may sound too good to be true, we have worked with enough companies to know that for many applications, companies have found our solution enables them to automate their cleaning and stripping operations and eliminate the use of hazardous solvents in their workplace, reducing both their waste removal costs and insurance risk.

Please read on to learn more about this unique chemistry and how it may help solve a problem for your company AND enable your operation to run greener and free up valuable resources.

What is it?

The Armakleen chemistry is a unique, aqueous based, 2-part mixture that is used in parts washers and ultrasonic machines. This chemistry is a direct replacement for MEK, Toluene, Acetone, and many other hazardous solvents found on the market today. It can tackle almost any type of soil or residue (especially good on adhesives and glues), automate many cleaning tasks still performed manually, significantly lower hazardous waste removal costs, and create a safer work environment.

The product’s bath “life” can last up to 3-4 times longer than other chemistries on the market today. In most applications, this translates into 2 – 4 months before needing to replace it. During this period, very little tank make-up or recharging is necessary. When it is needed, it usually only requires the addition of water.

Environmental Benefits

The Armakleen chemistry possesses one of the “greenest” environmental profiles for a product like this. It contains no HAPS (hazardous air pollutants), no SARA 313, RCRA metals, or Prop 65 ingredients, is non-hazardous and non-flammable, has very low VOC content and low vapor pressure, and truly represents a better, more economical way to perform industrial cleaning and stripping tasks.

Free Offer

We receive many inquiries regarding this unique product, and most include the question “How do I know this will work on my parts?”

To help answer this question, we have instituted a program that enables companies to test the product based on their plant’s needs. Because ESCA is an authorized dealer for Armakleen, we have access to their Princeton, NJ based testing lab. This test lab houses various types of parts washers, which means all of the “trial and error” usually associated with this type of process happens in the lab, saving valuable time and resources.

The end result of the trial is an Armakleen-generated lab report that shows various testing methods used and corresponding soil removal ratings, before and after photos, and machine recommendations.

To take advantage of this offer, please either call us or fill out our request a quote form to take advantage of this free offer (shipping charges not included).

Parts Cleaning Service

For companies who would like to receive the benefits of using the Armakleen chemistry, but would prefer to outsource their parts washing task, we can help. ESCA performs contract cleaning for several companies today who have found using our service saves them time, up front capital expenditures, and the maintenance and disposal costs associated with owning and operating a piece of equipment like this.

If you have a spare soiled part, please send it in to our work center, which will give us the ability to determine if we can clean it and assist us with quoting your project. Our machines can handle parts up to 4’ long and 150 lbs. Please call us if you would like to take advantage of this offer.

Parts Washing Equipment

ESCA represents several top-notch equipment makers. We only partner with companies who have experience building machines for the Armakleen chemistry. This is critical, as this chemistry does require certain features in order for it to work most effectively.

Many times we can recommend an affordable “Off the Shelf” system. All of the manufacturers we work with can also build custom solutions, depending on the project requirements. We even have experience building pump washers, a growing need we have noticed in our industry today.

We always save equipment selection for last, as it is critical to first determine the efficacy of the Armakleen chemistry, which many times is influenced by the type of soil being removed and the type of machine it is used in. Once we know what equipment works best, we can help you with the equipment selection and quoting process.

For more information on Parts Washing using soda blasting and sand blasting services, contact us or request a quote.