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PreTox is an easy-to-use surface preparation system that effectively converts hazardous lead waste into non-hazardous waste. This system does not discard lead that is present in the generated waste, but rather restricts the lead from leeching into ground water. PreTox uses a variety of chemicals that aid in balancing heavy metals present in lead waste. This system is cost effective and is suitable with various paint removal processes. Listed below are PreTox products that can be used depending on the type of paint removal project being performed:  

PreTox Products:
Product Description
Uses PreTox 2000 Fast Dry A liquid that generates non-hazardous lead waste during the process of removing lead paint Ships; Wood; Concrete; Brick; Steel; Storage Tanks; Heavy Equipment; Pipeline
PreTox 2000 Demolition A liquid that generates non-hazardous lead waste before a renovation or demolition project Historic Renovations; Wood; Brick; Residential Demolition; Commercial Demolition; Remodeling; Component Removal
PreTox 7000 Paint Stripper A paint stripper that will remove lead-based paint for disposal Historic Renovations; Wood; Brick; Steel; Residential Housing; Steel; Remodeling
PreTox 8000 Paint Stripper A paint stripper that removes lead-based paint for disposal and will increase production rates while blasting Historic Renovations; Wood; Brick; Steel; Commercial Renovations

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