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ToughTek F340E

Portable Fireproofing Pump Compact yet Powerful

ToughTek F340e is a portable fireproofing pump that lets you complete your fireproofing projects faster and more efficient for lower maintenance cost, due to its piston pump. The pump plugs directly into any standard 120 outlets. The high pumping pressure sprays up to 150 feet, 10 – 15bags per hour. ToughTek F340e requires an air compressor with 6CFM. ToughTek F340e comes with or without an air compressor built-in depending on your option. ToughTek F340 is great for small or medium projects.



 Piston pump technology easily handles fireproofing materials
 Gets projects done faster with high-pressure performance
 Electric operation – plugs into a standard 120V, 15A wall outlet
 Long lasting wear parts for more uptime, less downtime
 Easy to use, simple to maintain
 Ideal for fireproofing over structural steel or spray foam insulation


Built-in protection system continually monitors the operation
Dual LED indicators provide instant feedback while applying the material
Automatically shuts pump off to protect from thermal overload or excessive pressure
 Features ProGuard System