Powerful Electric Fireproofing Pump for any Fireproofing job!

ToughTek F800e is an electric fireproofing pump that lets you complete your fireproofing jobs faster, more efficiently and for lower maintenance cost, due to its patent-pending piston pump technology as well as an efficient drive motor.

The pump plugs directly into any standard 240V 30A outlet.

The high pumping pressure sprays up to 30–40 bags per hour.

ToughTek F800e requires an air compressor 10-12CFM.


Direct Drive Brushless Motor
      • 4.5 hp
      • Compact and maintenance free
      • High-performance drivetrain
Lightweight Molded Hopper
      • 45-gallon capacity
      • Optimized design, with bottom-drain, for smooth material flow
Easy-to-use Control Box
      • Standard remote start/ stop
      • Variable speed for operator control
      • Includes troubleshooting error codes

Lightweight, Portable Machine
      • Weighs only 385 lbs (kg)
      • Dimensions: 58” L x 33” W x 37” H
      • Ergonomic, round tube, coated steel frame
2″ Male Camlock Outlet
      • Plug and play with existing large camlock hoses
Quick Disconnect Inlet Clamps
      • Remove in seconds for easy cleaning of the inlet assembly