Improve Productivity with the ECO-AIRE® Maxx Air Drying Systems while Blasting!

ECO-AIRE® Maxx (150-250 CFM)

ESCA has spent many hours researching and testing many individual air drying components – we have come up with the ECO-AIRE® Maxx, highly portable system designed to withstand the rigors of an outdoor job site environment.

Stage 1 :

Our Aftercooler is an industrial grade unit that we factory mount to the bottom of a heavy duty hand truck. As the air travels through the Aftercooler, it cools and forms condensate. The ECO-AIRE® Super models work best with larger air compressors ranging from 375–500 CFM. Simply connect your air hose to the unit to get started.

Stage 2:
Water Separator

This component traps the condensate produced by the Aftercooler and utilizes an automatic float drain.

Stage 3:
High-Efficiency Air Filter

The air that exits the water separator then goes through the Coalescent Air Filter, which traps any remaining contaminants, including any residual lubricants down to 1 micron. This ensures your blast vessel always stays clean and dry & prevents these contaminants from ending up on the surface you are blasting, critical for compliance with Military or SSPC abrasive blasting specifications.

Auto Shut Off Feature

Most air drying units we sell are 12 Volt systems which easily clip onto your air compressor battery to operate. With other systems on the market, if you forget to disconnect the clips when the compressor is not running it will drain the battery. The ECO-AIRE® Maxx includes a sensor that will shut down the aftercooler once it doesn’t detect air flow, ensuring your battery remains charged and ready to go.

Maximum Portability & Quality

We professionally mount and connect all of these components onto a heavy duty hand truck in our facility. The ECO-AIRE® Maxx travel well in a pick-up truck or can even fit into an SUV. Please contact us now to obtain pricing and availability.