Cleaning & Blasting Media Eco – Friendly

ESCA provides a wide variety of environmentally sensible cleaning and blasting media which can be used for all forms of specialty cleaning, sand and soda blasting, and all types of restoration work. Buy only what you need – we can arrange a mix and match skid at no extra charge so you can always have the right “tools” in your media toolbox. Looking for CRUSHED GLASS?  We have many types and options at competitive prices.

Dry Ice

Baking Soda

Calcium Carbonate


Maxx Strip



Crushed Glass

Jet Mag

Walnut Shells

Glass Bead

Hold Tight 102

Hold Tight 365



Looking for something harder than GLASS, but still eco-friendly?  Check out our JET-MAG !  (It is a direct replacement for Black Beauty, Coal Slag, and Silica Sand). All of our cleaning and surface prep medias are:

  • non-hazardous, Eco-friendly, and silica and heavy metal-free
  • packaged in 50 lb or 55 lb bags or Super Sacks.

Ordering Information

  • NO order minimums
  • Mix and Match Skids available at no extra charge
  • Discounts available for orders of 10 bags or more and truckload quantities
  • All major credit cards accepted or set up an account with us
  • Quick Shipments – orders placed by noon ship same day
  • We ship nationwide, from multiple warehouses and get great freight rates to many parts of the country — contact us now for a freight quote to your location — you will be surprised how little it costs for us to ship up to 2,800 lbs of media to your doorstep!

Our “soft” medias can clean almost any substrate without causing harm to the original surface. Our “hard” medias achieve the same results as traditional silica-sand, coal slag, Black Beauty, and chemical strippers without costly disposal fees or harmful health effects. 

Environmentally Sensible Media Selector Guide
Media Type Hardness Hazardous? pH? Silica Free? Heavy  Metal Free? Water Soluble? Degreasing? Paint Removal? Rust Removal? Substrate Profile?
Dry Ice 2.0 No N/A Yes Yes N/A Yes No No No
Baking Soda 2.5 No 8.2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Lite-Duty No
Calcium Carbonate 2.9 No 9 Yes Yes No No Yes Lite-Duty No
MaxxStrip 3.5 No Neutral Yes Yes Yes No Yes Med-Duty Depends
Walnut Shells 4.0 No Neutral Yes Yes No No Yes Lite-Duty Depends
Crushed Plate Glass 5.5 No Neutral Yes Yes No No Yes Med-Duty Yes
Crushed Bottle Glass 6 No Neutral Yes Yes No No Yes Heavy-Duty Yes
Jet-Mag 7.5 No Neutral Yes Yes No No Yes Heavy-Duty Yes
Garnet 8 No Neutral Yes Yes No No Yes Heavy-Duty Depends