Refined Abrasive for Precast Concrete & Restoration Projects

Discover the ultimate blasting solution for precast concrete and restoration projects – GMA PyroBlast™.

GMA PyroBlast™ is your key to effortless coating and contaminant removal, offering a dustless, stainless and eco-friendly surface preparation process. With its exceptional weight and hardness, GMA PyroBlast™ empowers you to achieve various levels of aggregate exposure by simply adjusting the blaster’s standoff distance.

Experience the future of blasting with GMA PyroBlast™ for enhanced productivity and stunning results.


  • Highly efficient abrasive:  between 900 & 1300 on the Knoop hardness scale (above slags, silica sand & crushed glass).
  • Heavier than other abrasives currently used for precast concrete and restoration jobs.
  • Low or no silica/heavy metals.
  • Little or no staining.
  • Readily available for consistent supply and project continuity.


  • Productivity – Cleans faster & more efficiently than other abrasives used for precast concrete & restoration blasting.
  • Cost Effective – Lower abrasive consumption, labor, cleanup, and disposal.
  • Safe – No silica or heavy metals
  • Superior Finish – exceptionally clean & prepared surface, ready for whatever paint, coating or finish you choose

What is GMA PyroBlast?
GMA PyroBlast™ is a naturally occurring mineral of the Pyroxene family, usually found in and around garnet deposits.

How does it compare to some of the other abrasives used for blasting?
GMA PyroBlast™ is between 900 and 1300 on the Knoop hardness scale, ranking above slags, silica sand, and crushed glass in hardness by a substantial amount. It is also heavier than most other abrasives, including slags, silica sand, and crushed glass, making it a highly effective abrasive for blasting.

Will GMA PyroBlast™ leave staining on the surface of our precast parts?
No. Unlike some other abrasives, GMA PyroBlast™’s neutral light color and hardness will leave the surface free of staining and shading.

With certain projects, our demand can increase dramatically overnight. What can I expect about the ongoing supply of material?
We have three strategically located processing plants nationwide, with enough inventory to satisfy even the highest demand.

Are there any changes we must make with our equipment to blast with GMA PyroBlast™?
In addition to the pre-return testing and approval process, you must package and pallet the garnet to make it safe for transportation and unloading.

We use two different grades of our current abrasive; will GMA PyroBlast™ offer two grade sizes?
No. GMA PyroBlast™ requires only one grade. Our extensive testing indicates that due to the weight and hardness of the abrasive, you can achieve light, medium, and deep aggregate exposure just by adjusting the standoff of the blaster, leading to less handling and storage of additional abrasives.

We perform a lot of texturing of clad panels by blasting; will GMA PyroBlast™ perform texturing as well as aggregate exposure?
Yes, GMA PyroBlast™ can accomplish any of the applications your current abrasive performs.

Silica exposure is always a concern. Does GMA PyroBlast™ have high free-silica levels?
No. Just like our garnet abrasives, GMA PyroBlast™ is a low-free silica product.



  • Precast Concrete structures, including commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Infrastructure projects such as bridges, tunnels, highways, airports, and railway systems.
  • Pipes used in sewerage and drainage systems, utility holes and vaults, and stormwater management structures.
  • Agricultural applications including livestock housing, silos, storage structures, and irrigation channels.
  • Construction of ports, harbors, seawalls, breakwaters, jetties, and offshore structures

Automotive Restoration:

  • Removes paint, rust, and body filler quickly and effectively.
  • Restores body panels.
  • Removes paint from fiberglass materials.

Brick Restoration:

  • Effectively removes dirt, grime, mold, stain, and other residues.

Graffiti, Paint & Road Marking Removal:

  • Removes paint, rust, and body filler quickly and effectively.
  • Restores body panels.
  • Removes paint from fiberglass materials.
  • Removes pavement markings from asphalt and concrete, including thermoplastic ones.
  • Complies with local and state regulations.
  • Dustless and environmentally friendly, ideal for parking garage jobs.

Pool Restoration:

  • Removes calcium buildup.

Wood Cleaning:

  • Removes paint, stain, and weathering.


  • No minimum order at any of our locations: Hatfield, PA; Grand Rapids, MI; Greensboro, NC
  • Mix and Match skids of different grades OR medias available at no extra charge
  • Logistics: We can deliver to virtually any location, including construction sites, residential addresses, military complexes, nearby terminals.
  • Need rush service, lift gate, call ahead, or appt? No problem!
  • All Major credit cards accepted
  • Free Project Support: Consumption and production rates, scheduling, application recommendations
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