The ClearBlast advantage is simple: everything we do as a brand, including everything we build, sell and support is about giving you and your business the absolute best ROI possible for your specific application.

Our patented, easy-to-use pneumatic control system, quick semi-automated operations and efficient abrasive output keeps your bottom line low while our high blasting rates give you the speed you need to get the job done fast. Let’s face it, time is money and if it weren’t you’d be shopping for sandpaper right now. Consumption of blasting materials can also have a significant impact on your bottom line. Our water and media efficiency are second to none, and while many wet blasters use far less material than dry blasters, ClearBlast systems often use 25-50% of the media and water that our ‘dustless’ blasting aka wet abrasive blasting competitors do.

Additionally, our day-to-day reliability and customer support is legendary, as many of our loyal customers have come to know over the past 10+ years. And we are proud to say our machines were designed and built by hand right here in the USA!


Our equipment eliminates more than 92% of airborne dust during the blasting, making it safer for the user & their surroundings. Our blasters greatly reduce abrasive embedment in the substrate, while also producing a consistent profile allowing for coatings to go further in the process with less. Our blasters consume up to 80% less media as dry blasters, and half as much abrasive and a quarter of the amount of water as that of “tweaked” dustless systems. Our controls are not just easy, they’re safer. Clear layout of components and functions make our systems safer for rookie blasters while on the job site, minimizing work related injuries. We continue to strive to be the safer and environmentally conscience blasting solution, everyday.


Less material cost, less containment and minimized cleanup means more time working and less time fiddling. Less abrasive means less to store, load and dispose of at the end of a job giving you a bigger return per job. Less water means less mess, less rust inhibitor (when applicable) and less demand onsite. Keep your bottom line in mind when it comes to your business. Getting the “cheapest” blaster on the market isn’t always going to save you money. Think about the long haul. ClearBlast equipment are built for your business. To last, to save and to help you tackle a large quantity of applications keeping you and your operation in the black!


It’s our motto for a reason. We’ve earned it by developing our technology for over a decade now. Helping customers and listening to clients and end-users. We developed our patented design through trial and error, through field experience and through working directly with you, the customer. By making it our mission not the be like the rest. Our systems are the simplest to operate, hands down. ClearBlast produces some of the most efficient blasters on the market, using 100s of pounds less abrasive and tens of gallons less water per hour than our competition. We’ve studied. We’ve learned. We’ve listened to your needs. The result is ClearBlast.


Water is supplied from an on-board water tank or from an external source (pending preference and model). The water, is then added along with the abrasive in step two, suspending each abrasive particle in a “dust suppressing” bubble. During the blasting process this, first and foremost greatly reduces the dispersal of airborne particles (dust) created from the abrasive while also greatly reducing the volume of abrasive used per hour. Now, don’t fret over the wet! Water consumption in ClearBlast equipment is very low using just about 1/2 pint per minute or 3-4 gallons per hour!

Abrasive, or a gentle granular cleaning agent like baking soda, is added along with the water inside the pressure pot. The use of an abrasive makes the removal of industrial coatings and surface corrosion a breeze acting little chisels, getting into the nooks and crannies of a surface that are otherwise nearly impossible to remove with other less-conventional methods. ClearBlast’s technology, though not the first by any means to use abrasive in such a way, does however bring outstanding efficiency, allowing for less abrasive consumption, better control of removal, and added user and environmental safety.

Air is the vehicle, transporting the wet abrasive mixture sending it “blasting” towards the surface. With ClearBlast, this air is controlled separately of the water and abrasive mixture, allowing the user to finely control the level of performance desired. Air is supplied via an external air compressor either on-site or on-board one of our all-in-one trailer models. The overall size or volume of compressor needed is generally determined by the level of performance desired, or the application at hand. In all, the “blast pressure” exiting our blasters can range from 30 to 130 psi. Combined with the correct abrasive, performance is effectively matched to the desired result, virtually removing any coating or grime, from any surface, any time, anywhere.