A TRULY unique soft blast media alternative

MaxxStrip blast media, also known as Kieserite, is a unique mineral imported from Germany. The raw mineral gets processed into an engineered product by screening it to ensure uniform particle size distribution and then adding anti-clumping technology to ensure constant flow occurs while blasting.

MaxxStrip is classified as a soft, water-soluble media and works well in many situations, especially pool projects and any other environment which requires a neutral pH solution.

MaxxStrip is so safe for the environment it is actually used as a fertilizer in Europe and will not harm any surrounding landscaping.

  • Pool tile cleaning
  • Fountain Cleaning
  • Calcium and scale deposit removal
  • Mineral Deposit removal
  • Free Project Support:  Consumption and production rates, scheduling, application recommendations
  • Shelf Life: up to one year when stored indoors and shrink wrapped
  • Non-sparking – no heat generated while cleaning
  • Non-Hazardous / Non-Toxic
  • No solvents or caustic ingredients – simplifies and reduces waste disposal costs
  • Packaging: 50 lb bags
  • Full Skid: (40) bags or 2000+ lbs
  • No minimum order at any of our locations: Hatfield, PA; Grand Rapids, MI; Greensboro, NC
  • Mix and Match skids of different grades OR medias available at no extra charge
  • Logistics: We can deliver to virtually any location, including construction sites, residential addresses, military complexes, nearby terminals.
  • Need rush service, lift gate, call ahead, or appt? No problem!
  • All Major credit cards accepted
  • Free Project Support: Consumption and production rates, scheduling, application recommendations
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MESH 40-60
SHAPE Sub-Angular
PROFILE Variable
pH VALUE 7 (neutral)
COLOR Light Tan