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For decades, CLEMCO Industries has been a leader in the abrasive blasting industry, renowned for its commitment to quality, innovation, and reliability.

At CLEMCO, excellence is not just a standard—it’s a tradition. From contractor pots to blast rooms and specialty cabinets, CLEMCO offers a comprehensive range of equipment designed to meet the diverse needs of abrasive blasting professionals. Whether you’re tackling large-scale industrial projects or precision surface cleaning tasks, CLEMCO equipment delivers unmatched performance, durability, and versatility. With innovative features, robust construction, and industry-leading reliability, CLEMCO equipment sets the standard for quality and efficiency.

Contractor Pots

Explore Clemco’s range of contractor pots, including the renowned Big Clem series. Designed for versatility and durability, Clemco contractor pots are ideal for mobile blasting applications, providing reliable performance and easy maneuverability. Whether you’re tackling large-scale projects or precision blasting tasks, Clemco contractor pots offer the power and efficiency you need to get the job done.

Blast Rooms

Transform your workspace with Clemco’s innovative blast room solutions. Engineered for efficiency and productivity, Clemco blast rooms provide a controlled environment for abrasive blasting operations, ensuring optimal results and minimal downtime. With customizable configurations and advanced ventilation systems, Clemco blast rooms offer superior visibility, safety, and performance for a wide range of surface preparation applications. Whether you’re blasting steel, aluminum, or composite materials, Clemco blast rooms deliver exceptional quality and reliability.

Specialty Cabinets

Discover Clemco’s specialty blast cabinets, including the Aerolyte Series and the Bicarbonator Cabinet. Engineered for precision and versatility, Clemco specialty cabinets are designed to meet the unique needs of specific blasting applications. The Aerolyte Series offers ergonomic design, variable pressure control, and media recycling capabilities.  The Bicarbonator Cabinet is specifically designed for soda blasting applications, offering unmatched precision & control for delicate surface cleaning and restoration projects.


At ESCA Blast, we’re dedicated to providing comprehensive service and support for all Clemco Equipment. Our team of factory-trained technicians is equipped to handle all your service needs, from routine maintenance to complex repairs. We also offer a complete inventory of OEM parts to ensure optimal performance and reliability for your equipment. Contact us today to learn more about our service offerings and how we can help you maximize the value of your Clemco Equipment.