Media – Walnut Shells

What is Walnut Shells?

Walnuts are ground up in multiple different mesh sizes creating an excellent environmentally friendly blast and cleaning media option. This product is biodegradable, non-toxic, and cost-effective for blasting and cleaning.

Benefits of Walnut Shell Blasting:                                                                                                                      

Walnut Shells are very durable, this allows for reuse of the shells several times before it breaks down. You can blast a variety of surfaces with walnut shells, including aluminum and sheet metal.

Walnut shells come in four different mesh sizes to suit your blasting needs.

Technical Info:
Mesh Hardness Formula Applications
40-100 3-4 Fine Monument and Statue Restoration
35-60 3-4 Med/ Fine General Cleaning
18-40 3-4 Medium Automotive; Metal Prep
14-30 3-4 Coarse Automotive; Metal Prep

Ordering Information:

pH 4-6; Not Water Soluble; Landscape-safe Packaged in 50 lbs bags Full skid contains (40) 50 lb bags FOB Hatfield, PA (Philadelphia Area)