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Your trusted authorized distributor of Schmidt Abrasive Blasting Equipment.
For over 70 years, Schmidt has been a leader in the abrasive blasting industry, renowned for its commitment to quality, innovation, and reliability.

When Schmidt® Manufacturing began operations 50 years ago; the founders shared a vision to introduce more productive equipment to the abrasive blasting industry that would also contribute to a smarter, safer workplace environment.  With a team of dedicated, knowledgeable welders, engineers and staff, they produced a quality product that has come to be trusted worldwide.

Bulk Blast Pots

Schmidt’s Bulk Pots are engineered to tackle large-scale abrasive blasting projects with precision and efficiency. Designed for durability and reliability, these pots provide contractors with the capacity and power necessary to handle extensive surface preparation tasks. Whether blasting industrial structures, bridges, or ship hulls, Schmidt’s Bulk Pots offer unmatched scalability and performance, ensuring optimal results on even the most demanding projects.

Blast Accessory & Assist Bracket System (BAABS)

With its innovative thrust management brace assembly, BAABS redirects blast nozzle thrust to minimize muscle strain and fatigue, enabling blasters to maintain control and precision for extended periods. Its adaptable design accommodates blasters of varying sizes and hand orientations, ensuring ergonomic comfort and enhanced maneuverability in any blasting environment. This means operators can achieve greater efficiency and safety, resulting in increased productivity and improved blasting outcomes.

Genuine OEM Parts & Service

Beyond equipment offerings, ESCA also provides a comprehensive range of parts, accessories, and factory-trained service options. With ESCA Blast’s expertise as an authorized dealer and longstanding history with Schmidt, customers can trust in reliable support and maintenance services to keep their blasting operations running smoothly. Whether it’s sourcing high-quality parts or accessing expert service assistance, Schmidt and ESCA Blast ensure that customers receive the utmost value and satisfaction throughout their blasting journey.