We only carry soda blasting equipment that stands up to heavy use and will last for a long, long time. Many soda blasting equipment options exist today, from mini-blast pots made in China to large-scale complex all-in-one soda blast systems. Our equipment line is built in the USA, do both dustless blasting AND dry blasting, can run both soft and hard abrasives (multi-media), is easy to use, and made to last. Our soda blasters are available for sale or for rent.

Dustless Blasting

request a quoteNo slurry blaster can run baking soda through it – baking soda is water soluble and much finer and lighter than traditional medias, which makes it the one media slurry blasters cannot handle. However, you can perform dustless blasting with our soda blasters – it only takes a special nozzle to do this. Our nozzle hooks up to a standard garden hose connection – no pumps or special water tanks required. Our nozzle completely surrounds the baking soda with water as it comes out of the nozzle, enabling maximum dust suppression and very little water consumption. We have performed dustless blasting using baking soda and a Water Injection Nozzle, also known as a WIN nozzle.

Dry Soda Blasting

Many applications exist for DRY Soda Blasting, including fire damage restoration, mold remediation, and most fiberglass types, including boat bottoms and Corvettes. Many automotive restorers and fleet maintenance companies we work with will only use baking soda in a dry environment in order to eliminate the risk of flash rust. With our equipment, you have the flexibility to perform Wet or Dry soda blasting depending on your project or needs.

Crushed Glass vs. Baking Soda

We supply several types of blasting media because there will always be a need for both soft and hard abrasive methods. The decision depends on what you are removing, what is the substrate and the surrounding materials, and what finish or profile you are looking for:

What are you removing?

Grease or Oil?
Use Baking Soda – it’s a wonderful way to degrease any kind of equipment or part without using a caustic or acid cleaner.

Soot or Smoke Damage?
Use Baking Soda – it’s the only way to simultaneously remove charring, fire damage, and smoke odors without causing damage to wood structures, ceiling joists, block walls, masonry, etc.

Heavy Rust? 
Use crushed glass or another hard abrasive. Although soda can remove surface rust, it does not do a good job at removing heavy-duty oxidation.

Paint, other Coatings?
Soda or Glass or another abrasive will work fine. Soda can remove very tough coatings, even Teflon. What you ultimately decide to use for coating removal will also depend on the below factors.

What substrate are you working on?

Soft aluminum, Fiberglass?
Most people use Baking Soda. You can use harder abrasives on these materials, but it does require both a greater skill level and greater tolerance for risk.

Rubber or Glass nearby?
Use Baking Soda. We have seen some companies market their slurry blasters as safe to use around rubber trim or automotive glass – DON’T DO THIS! You will do damage to the car – you must protect anything you don’t want to be damaged whenever you use a hard abrasive regardless if you are vapor blasting or performing any other type of blasting.

What Finish are you looking for?

Use Baking Soda – it is the softest blasting media on the market, and will not create a profile.

Profile needed?
Use crushed glass or another hard abrasive. Glass can achieve the most required profiles for today’s coatings. However, you may decide to use a harder abrasive in order to go quicker or create a deeper anchor pattern to assure proper bonding and adhesion.

Multi-Media = More Versatility & Control

All of ESCA Blast’s equipment can run any type abrasive through it! Other soda pots on the market today are just that – soda-only pots. Unfortunately, not all projects make sense for soda blasting. The ESCA blast line offers the ability to use whatever blast media is appropriate for the job, from Baking Soda to Garnet and everything in-between. This flexibility streamlines operations and increases the value of your investment.

Leading Edge Technology = Efficient Operation

Our soda blasters use the latest generation Thompson Media Valve assembly. This proven, industry-standard design is a standard for a reason – it’s reliable, works in severe environments, and enables smooth and efficient operation throughout your project.

150 PSI = Greater Productivity
All ESCA Blast pots are rated to blast up to 150 PSI. It is a known fact that for each Pound per Square Inch of blast pressure gained, productivity increases by 1%. ESCA Blast pots do not just increase productivity a little bit — they increase productivity by 50%!

Simple to Use and Maintain = More Blasting
ESCA Blast’s equipment is so simple to use we can train operators over the phone in less than 30 minutes. We can supply you no matter where you are located – our machines are low maintenance, use standard off-the-shelf parts and accessories, come with great documentation, and all of ESCA’s customers receive unlimited technical support for the lifetime of the machine from our factory-trained technicians.

Blast Equipment Packages

ESCA Blast equipment choices include turn-key mobile packages and portable, compressor-ready multi-media blast pots and air dryers. Some of these systems only require 20 CFM of air supply, perfect for a small body shop or occasional field restoration work. We also carry large industrial-sized systems which can hold up to 10.0 cubic feet of media at a time.

Equipment Features

Preset Soda Blast Media Flow Control Options = Use LESS material
The Media Valve sleeve allows for several flow options – use less soda for light duty applications, and quickly adjust to more flow when needed. What makes our equipment more efficient than others is its ability to lock-in the flow rate, eliminating operator error and field conditions which can affect performance and efficiencies.

Air Drying Equipment = Highly Recommended and Critical for Soda Blasting

Moist supply air can quickly cause equipment breakdowns and increase material waste. We have several options to consider if you are in the market for a solid, industrial strength air drying solution. We can provide freestanding units as well as fully integrate an air drying system into our air compressor line – which keeps the components out of harm’s way, maximizing portability, and freeing up valuable storage space.

Other Accessories and Equipment Services
No matter what type of pot you own now, we can help! We stock a wide range of spare parts, blasting accessories, and PPE.

Cabinets and Dust Collectors. We are authorized dealers for all of the major blast OEM’s, including Clemco, Empire, Schmidt, and Donaldson-Torit Dust Collection Systems.

We are a turn-key rental company, offering everything you may need for your project from the blast equipment and media to dust collectors and PPE.

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