Soda Blast Media – Baking Soda

ESCA is an original ARMEX dealer and has been involved with soda blasting since the mid-1980’s. We know quite a bit about soda blasting and are happy to share our knowledge below. Please feel free to call if you have further questions regarding soda blasting and its capabilities.

History of Soda Blast Media

Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) is classified as a soft abrasive (2.5 on Mohs hardness scale), and was originally used during the restoration of the Statue of Liberty. The soda formulas we carry are unique and much different than what is found in your refrigerator. They are all engineered and processed specifically for soda blasting, ensuring an even and consistent flow throughout a project.

No Damage Blast Media

Soda media is soft and will not create a profile, generate heat, or inflict any damage on soft metals, polished stone and masonry, rubber trim, glass, etc. Most corvettes are restored today using baking soda media, as it takes the paint off, but leaves the fiberglass behind. Many newer boat bottoms are stripped today using baking soda media as well because it effectively removes marine paint without harming the gel coat. Due to soda being water soluble, it also prevents “embedment” damage that traditional sandblasting methods can cause.

Using Soda for Preservation and Restoration Projects

Baking soda is the softest cleaning media available, which makes it an ideal restoration choice when working on certain types of old and delicate structures and materials. We recently performed a trial in Washington, DC which involved cleaning an 80 year old glass and ornamental aluminum entryway. Baking soda was the only choice – it has the unique ability to clean effectively without etching or frosting window glass. Baking soda is also the only media that can clean polished stone without harming the polish-Until recently, this was not possible. However, ESCA Special Cleaning machines now provide the ability to perform delicate cleaning tasks without harming the integrity of the original surface.  Do you have non-polished stone to clean?  Then we would recommend using Calcium Carbonate instead. We stock and sell all different formula types and grit sizes. Some of our formulas contain flow aids – needed if supply air is moist or your working environment is humid. Other formulas we carry are designed for specific applications, such as marine paint removal or rust and oxidation removal (composed from a blend of soda and aluminum oxide).

Eco and Operator-Friendly Blasting Media

Baking soda is safe to use and handle and can help companies comply with many of their green initiatives. Baking soda is all-natural, water soluble, non-sparking, inorganic, silica-free, non-toxic, and non-hazardous, as defined by the EPA and OSHA. Sodium Bicarbonate is also classified as an A-1 cleaner, making it suitable for use in any FDA or USDA-regulated facility. ARMEX contains no solvents or caustic ingredients, providing a chemical-free alternative that simplifies and reduces waste disposal costs.

Applications of Soda Media

Hundreds of applications exist and are still currently being discovered for soda media. The most popular uses for soda blasting we run across on a daily basis include, disaster recovery, fire damage restoration, smoke damage restoration, mold remediation, parts remanufacturing cleaning, automotive and depainting, food processing, building restoration, graffiti removal, non-destructive testing prep, and industrial maintenance.

How Does Soda Media Work?

Soda blasting yields great results because the soda crystal is sharp and essentially explodes upon surface impact. This shattering effect ensures soda blasting’s effectiveness in removing tough coatings, paints, and heavy duty grease and soil conditions from both delicate and sturdy substrates.

Technical Info:

ESCA stocks a variety of baking soda formulas to suit your needs, including Natrium and Armex formulas.

Mesh  Hardness  Profile  Formula  Applications
200  2.5  0 Super Fine   (aka Anilox or Composite)  Specialty formula designed for delicate operations and the cleaning and ink removal on ceramic-coated printing rolls.  Safe to use on virtually any substrate, including polished stone surfaces.
80  2.5  0  Maintenance  Ideal for light coating removal such as soot, smoke and mold remediation, parts cleaning and blast cabinets.
80  2.5  0  Flow M  Recommended for light coating removal such as soot, smoke and mold remediation in high humidity environments or when using rental equipment.
55  2.5  0  Maintenance XL  Good for heavy coating removal or cleaning such as car and truck paint removal, boat bottoms, degreasing, parts cleaning and blast cabinets. This is our most popular formula.
55  2.5  0  Flow XL  Recommended for heavy coating removal such as paint removal in high humidity environments or when using rental equipment.
55  2.5  0  Hydroflex XL  Designed to be used with a power washer for tough cleaning applications including gum removal, fountain and pool restoration, sidewalks, garages and grease removal. Contains surfactant (“soap”)
55  2.5  1 – 2  Profile XL  Contains 10% aluminum oxide (70 grit) with rinse accelerator for heavy coatings removal on hard substrates, rust removal.

Ordering Info:

  • pH 8.2; water soluble; NOT landscape-safe
  • Non-Sparking, Non-Combustible
  • Packaged in 50 lb bags
  • Full skid contains (50) 50 lb bags
  • FOB Hatfield, PA (Philadelphia Area) – Partial orders and Mix and Match Skids – Please visit shipping rates for more information
  • FOB Charlotte, NC – Full Pallet orders only

For more information or to place an order, contact us or request a quote.