EcoQuip 2 EQp

EcoQuip 2 EQp:  A Multi-Purpose Portable Vapor Blaster

Looking for a “Best-in-Class” Vapor/Dustless Blasting system that is portable, rugged, and easy to use? The EQp can perform many different abrasive blasting operations and help you go from “before” to “after” in a snap!

This machine runs virtually any type of media or abrasive, even if it doesn’t sink, unlike other equipment found on the market today.  Use coarse, fine, or non-destructive blast media depending on your job.


Don’t get fooled by its size – the EQp’s production rates match up with much bigger machines, saves you money by using less media and water, and produce far more labor savings than the competition!  See below for a quick comparison of the EQp vs. the commercial-grade machines made in Texas:

  • 50’ long x ½” OR 1” blast hose (specify when ordering)
  • #4 or #5 nozzle
  • Advanced 2-layer interior and exterior powder coat system
  • Integrated Water Pump
  • Water Siphon (for remote operations or steel blasting with rust inhibitor)
  • Standard Garden Hose Connection (for non-steel blasting)
  • Free Shipping!
Feature EQp DB-225 DB-500 DB-800
Media Usage per hour 150lbs/hr 200lbs/hr 200lbs/hr 200lbs/hr
Water Usage per hour 12-15 gals 20 gals 20 gals 20 gals
Total Run Time between refills 90 minutes 30 minutes 60 minutes 90 minutes
Media Capacity 220 lbs 100 lbs 200 lbs 300 lbs
Pot Size 2.0 cu. ft. 2.0 cu. ft. 5.0 cu. ft. 8.0 cu. ft.
Multi-Media ? (can run soft abrasives while using water) Yes No No No
Integrated Water Pump “Heart” of the system – water pressurizes the whole system. This is NOT a water fill pump! Yes No No No
Water Siphon AND Standard Garden hose connection ? Yes No No No
How often recharge water ? 0-3x/day 16x/day 8x/day 5x/day
Min. Air Supply ? 92 CFM 185 CFM 185 CFM 185 CFM
Machine Weight (Empty) 220 lbs 263 lbs 368 lbs 427 lbs