EcoQuip 2 EQs

EcoQuip 2 EQs: When size matters! Advanced Vapor Blasting Technology

Looking for a “Best-in-Class” Vapor/Dustless Blasting system that will tackle large, tough jobs?  The EQs is a workhorse – it will go faster and last a long time between refills. Built to withstand harsh environments, the EQs can perform a variety of surface preparation projects and help you go from “before” to “after” in a snap!

This machine runs virtually any type of media or abrasive, even if it doesn’t sink, unlike other equipment found on the market today.  Use coarse, fine, or non-destructive blast media depending on your job.


The unit also includes an electronic media adjustment feature – this innovation will save you money by using less media and minimize your clean up — producing far more labor savings than the competition!  See below for a quick comparison of the EQs vs. the industrial-grade machines made in Texas:

  • 50’ long x 1.25” blast hose
  • #8 nozzle
  • MediaTrak Electronic Media Control feature
  • Advanced 2-layer interior and exterior powder coat system
  • Integrated Water Pump
  • Built-in 120 gallon auto-fill water tank
  • Free Shipping!
  • EQs Elite Model ONLY includes:  Stainless Steel Frame and Enclosure, Water Dose Valve, Media Strainer Kit, Air Inlet Filter/ball valve
Feature EQs DB-1500 DB-3000
Media Usage per hour 150lbs/hr 250-350lbs/hr 250-350lbs/hr
Water Usage per hour 12-15 gals 25-35 gals 25-35 gals
Total Run Time between refills 6 hours 2-3 hours 4-6 hours
Media Capacity 880 lbs 750 lbs 1500 lbs
Pot Size 6.5 cu. ft. 15.0 cu. ft. 30.0 cu. ft.
Multi-Media ? (can run soft abrasives while using water) Yes No No
Electronic Media Control ? Enables on demand digital media flow adjustment at the Control Panel! Yes No No
Integrated Water Pump “Heart” of the system – water pressurizes the whole system. This is NOT a water fill pump! Yes No No
On-Board Water Tank included ? Yes No No
Crash Frame Included? Yes No No
How often recharge water ? 1x/day 2-3x/day 3-4x/day
Min. Air Supply ? 375 CFM 375 CFM 375 CFM
Machine Weight (Empty) 1070 lbs 750 lbs 1200lbs