Frequently Asked Questions

Hold Tight 102 FAQs

Is Hold Tight 102 meant to be added to a blast media or is it meant to use on its own when trying to prevent flash rusting?

BOTH — Hold Tight can be used as an additive with slurry blasters and poured into the blast pot at the same time you are adding water and media. Hold Tight can also be used upon completion of blasting. A “post-blasting” rinse cycle is a quick and easy way to prevent flash rust.

Why should I use Hold Tight after soda blasting? Can’t I just use water?

Although water can be used for rinsing purposes after soda blasting, Hold Tight 102 helps ensure all residue is removed from all surfaces, including hard to reach areas. Hold Tight is a wonderful “salt” and “chloride” remover, so using it can help speed up any rinsing process and also prevents flash rusting of steel and iron.

It sounds like Hold Tight 102 is environmentally friendly. Is it “classified” as environmentally friendly?

Hold Tight is classified as non-hazardous, non-toxic , Biodegradable, Phosphate and acid-free, Non-flammable, and leaves behind no residue. This product can also be used in FDA and USDA regulated facilities and fully complies with 21 CFR 178.3400. When we ship out Hold Tight to our customers it goes out as a standard shipment — no special handling is required.

What are the directions for using Hold Tight 102?

Hold Tight is easy to apply and works well in any standard pressure washer at 500 PSI. With no rain and at temperatures above 40 degrees, rusting will be prevented for about 48 hours, often longer.

Can you give me an estimate for how much product needs to be ordered for different size projects?

A little Hold Tight goes a long way — the recommended usage ratio is usually 100:1. Usually one gallon is plenty to rinse one car. For larger projects, we carry 5 gallon pails.