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The ECO-FLEX  ECO-100 is our most popular seller – it’s rugged enough for both large and small jobs, yet highly portable – take it on a manlift, scaffolding, hard to reach areas like attics, crawl spaces, and basements.  It can go wherever you need it to, and will  perform a wide variety  of cleaning and blasting operations for you for many years to come.

Key Markets and Applications:

  • Historic Preservation & Building Restoration
  • Automotive (Bodies, Parts, Frames, Engines)
  • Masonry (Cleaning, Prep, Stenciling)
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Paint and Rust Removal
  • Traditional Steel Surface Prep
  • Fire and Mold Remediation
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Industrial Projects
  • Sanitation Work
  • Sand and Soda Blasting

Key Equipment Highlights:

  • Vapor / “Dustless” AND Dry Blasting and Cleaning (works with water AND without!)
  • Gentle / Delicate Cleaning abilities
  • NO Chemicals needed
  • Multi-media too! Customize your surface finish by using either soft or hard medias.

ECO-100 Features:

  • All-Aluminum WELDED Construction
  • Lightweight (less than 90lbs when empty) and portable.  Take this unit anywhere – onto scaffolding or aerial lifts, basements and attics, and any other hard to reach area.  All-Aluminum also means expect years of service and low yearly maintenance – no rust or corrosion.
  • Wide Nozzle Selection
  • You can tackle virtually any kind of project with the ECO-100 – we offer a wide range of nozzles, and consider them tools in your toolbox.  Choose from curved, right angle, fan, double venturi, and many, many more.  We even have nozzle extensions available for floor and ceiling work.
    Our machine is fabricated,welded,and assembled right here in the USA.  Our quality is top notch – we engineered the ECO-100 to last a very long time.  We use a sturdy gauge (thickness) of aluminum, and completely weld the bottom to the main body.  The end result is an ASME-certified pressure vessel built to last.
  • Small OR Large “compressor-ready”The ECO-100 is a pneumatic machine, and needs clean and dry compressed air to function.  However, many times our unit can solve your problem with only a small compressor.  Yes, the ECO-100 works very well with a typical large tow-behind or shop compressor, but it can also do some neat things with a smaller compressor.The minimum size needed is 45 CFM.  CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Minute, and measures the volume of air the compressor produces.  CFM is NOT PSI (Pounds per Square Inch).  PSI measures the velocity of the air as it exits your compressor or nozzle.This is an important point – many people think they can power up a machine like ours because they can achieve 100 PSI on their existing compressor.  Although you can achieve 100 PSI with a very small compressor such as one that plugs into a standard wall outlet, it will never produce a sufficient amount of air volume to power our machine.Already own a compressor but not sure of its CFM rating?  If you know the horsepower, multiply it by 4 to calculate approximate CFM (20 HP motor = 80 +/- CFM compressor).  Still not sure?  No problem – we are happy to discuss this topic with you over the phone, as it’s a critical concept to understand.  Already own a large compressor?  No problem – the ECO-100 can handle up to a 375 CFM air supply.
  • Multi-method + Multi-media = ECO-Flex Our ECO-FLEX trade name truly reflects what the ECO-100 is all about.  Our machine allows for someone to easily and effectively perform ECO-friendly cleaning and blasting tasks, and has been engineered to be extremely FLEX-ible so that many more projects today are viable candidates for our technology.
    • Multi-method
      No two jobs are the same, right?  That is why we have built in so many different features so you can do more with less.  Here are some examples:
      • Dustless Blasting Connect a standard garden hose to the ECO-100 and use our water feature to greatly reduce dust – up to 95% in most cases.
      • Metal-prep: NO warping AND NO rusting Need to prep thin sheet metal or aluminum panels but are afraid they will warp due to heat or friction build up?  Using water during the blasting process eliminates the heat that causes metal to warp and stretch.Don’t worry – we can prevent flash rusting too!  Just use our optional water pump and a rust inhibitor like Hold Tight to prevent flash rust for up to 48 hours.
      • Dry Blasting and Cleaning Can’t use water on your job?  The ECO-100 works equally well when used without water.  You do not need to reconfigure, clean-out, dry, or swap out any parts to go dry – just turn the water valve to “off” – that’s it!
      • Gentle Cleaning? No problem!  Aggressive Surface Prep?  No problem!How about a delicate cleaning project such as cleaning an old limestone facade?  Or – how about an industrial application like removing mill scale from new steel?  Either one of these jobs is fair game for the ECO-100.  You can regulate the nozzle pressure from 3 PSI to 125 PSI, and everywhere in-between!  At 3 PSI, the ECO-100 will only clean your surface – its so gentle you can even clean your business card without damaging the card stock itself.  At 100 PSI, the ECO-100 turns into a powerful tool that can quickly remove old paint, rust, or any other tough coating or build up.
      • Multi-media The machine is half of the ECO-FLEX equation – the other half depends on which media (also known as aggregate or abrasive) is used.  A full spectrum of ECO-friendly medias are available today – each possess unique characteristics such as hardness, particle size and shape, and mineral content.  The last one is critical – we do NOT recommend any abrasives which contain silica OR heavy metals such as beryllium.  Most slags do contain one of these, and sand is silica – steer clear!Both of these substances can damage your lung tissue, and are heavily regulated these days by OSHA and other organizations, including the Military.  We have a whole section of our website dedicated to our media offerings and their different properties, and encourage you to explore this information to see why we consider media another tool in your toolbox.and recommend having some of each on hand at all times.With the ECO-100 and the right media, you can truly customize your project approach and solve a lot of problems that may have required chemical use in the past or could not be solved at all!
      • Easy to Use / Easy to Maintain. This machine was designed for a 1-person operation.  Set up is quick – get to work within 15 minutes once on your job site.  Follow these 5 easy steps and you’re ready:  1) Connect air hose to compressor, air dryer, and ECO-100.  2)  Turn on Air Compressor.  3)  Set desired nozzle pressure.  4)  Fill vessel with media  5)  Adjust media flow and begin work.Maintenance is also easy – our easy to follow user manual guides you through recommended maintenance tasks and intervals.  Still need help?  We are only a phone call away!
      • Efficient Media and Water usage The ECO-100 is NOT a powerwasher!  When using the water feature, you will only use 12-15 gallons of water PER HOUR.  On a hot day, it can evaporate as soon as it hits the ground.  For media consumption it will vary depending on type of media being used – larger particles or denser material tends to flow a little more than a smaller mesh size or less dense powder.  Figure about 50 lbs, to no more than 150 lbs per hour.

ECO-100 Package

The standard ECO-100 package includes:

  • 1.0 Cubic Foot Vessel with Capacity for up to-100lbs media depending on type
  • 1/2” x 50′ Blast hose
  • Ergonomic paddle-style remote control handle
  • #3 or #4 nozzle (let us know your compressor size so we can recommend correct size for you)
  • Fast Fill Media Funnel

Available Options

  • Various Nozzles
  • ESCA-Aire Air Drying Systems
  • Factory-installed water pump
  • 1” blast hose (enables larger nozzle use)
  • Tera-Valve (for blast cabinet use, precision blasting and more)
  • All-in-One Mobile Rigs – click here
  • Air Hoses
  • Extension Blast hoses
  • PPE