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Dustless Blasters – for Sale or Rent

request a quote The Dustless Blasting method uses water to suppress dust while sandblasting. Dustless Blasting can be done using either a Vapor Blaster OR a Dry Blast Pot with a special wet-head nozzle.

Vapor Blasters combine water and abrasive into the pressure vessel all at once.  Non-Slurry Blasters (Dry Blast Pots) combine the water and abrasive at the end of the blast hose using a special wet-head nozzle.

Each type of Dustless Blaster has advantages and disadvantages. ESCA offers both types of equipment, including portable packages and all-in-one tow behind systems.  If you already own a traditional sand blast pot and want to convert it to a dustless blasting system, then check out our H2O TO GO option:

EcoQuip® Dustless / Vapor Blasters
ECO-Flex® Dustless Blasters (Non-Slurry / Non-Vapor)

Already own a Dustless Blaster or Vapor / Slurry System?

If you already own a dustless blasting or vapor / slurry system, then let us help you with your abrasive and Hold Tight 102 needs.  We carry a full assortment of eco-friendly abrasives, all designed to work great in any type of slurry system, including Farrow, Eco-Quip, Geo Blast, MMLJ, Cleaner Blast, GRACO, Greener Blast, and any other Dustless Blasting System.


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