EcoQuip 2 EQs dual line

EcoQuip 2 EQs DUAL line: Double Your Productivity!

1 System – 2 Blast Hoses!

Need to complete your jobs in half the time?  Want to streamline your Vapor Blasting operation AND go faster?  Look no further – the EQs DUAL Line system can do all of that and more.

This machine runs virtually any type of media or abrasive, even if it doesn’t sink, unlike other equipment found on the market today.  Use coarse, fine, or non-destructive blast media depending on your job.


The EQs Dual includes a high capacity water pump not found in other models, and takes advantage of a proprietary design that ensures smooth operation and media flow during 2-person operation, along with electronic media control.

  • (2) 50’ long x 1.25” blast hose
  • (2) #8 nozzle
  • MediaTrak Electronic Media Control feature
  • Advanced 2-layer interior and exterior powder coat system
  • High Capacity Integrated Water Pump
  • Built-in 120 gallon auto-fill water tank
  • Free Shipping!
Feature (all data below based on 2 hose operation) EQs DUAL
Media Usage per hour 300lbs/hr
Water Usage per hour 24-30 gallons
Total Run Time between refills 4.5 hours
Media Capacity 1320 lbs
Pot Size 12.0 cu. ft.
Multi-Media ? (can run soft abrasives while using water) Yes
Electronic Media Control ? Enables on demand digital media flow adjustment at the Control Panel! Yes
Integrated Water Pump “Heart” of the system – water pressurizes the whole system. This is NOT a water fill pump! Yes
On-Board Water Tank included ? Yes
Crash Frame Included? Yes
How often recharge water ? 1x/day
Min. Air Supply ? 750 CFM
Machine Weight (Empty) 1326 lbs