Best-in-Class, Compressor-Ready Dustless/Vapor Blasters

Continuously blasting a fluid with media and abrasive in it is no easy task!  If the equipment is not engineered to do this, it will lead to flow and productivity issues.  We have teamed up with Graco, who knows a thing or two about fluid handling!  Their answer (and ESCA’s) to high-performance vapor blasting is the EcoQuip 2 Blaster line.

We offer a EcoQuip Vapor Blaster for each application and budget, including compressor ready and turn-key tow behind systems:

This feature is revolutionary and standard on all machines except the EQp. Easily adjust your media flow from the control panel with just the touch of a button.  Each project can now get optimized, reducing your media cost and waste amount. 

This heavy duty pump was specifically engineered for EcoQuip Vapor Blast systems.  It’s the heart of the system and means this machine has no trouble blasting any kind of abrasive, even the ones that don’t sink like soda and plastic.

The pump also gives you many more blasting options when using the EQp or EQm models.  Just hook up a standard garden hose to these units for any non-steel work.  You now have a continuous water supply, minimizing downtime.  Blasting steel or working remotely?  The pump will siphon a rust inhibitor solution or just plain water from a holding tank, allowing you to run much longer than the Texas-born Dustless Blasters since they don’t have a pump for blasting.

Have you ever seen what it takes to empty a Texas-born Dustless Blaster?  They actually recommend blasting out the leftover media if you are in a hurry (which is wasteful, expensive and messy), or if you have more time, they recommend disassembling the bottom valve assembly using tools (which is very time consuming).

Our systems use a simple clamp on the bottom of the vessel for quick and easy draining without needing any tools.  This means any unused media can be reclaimed and used later.  This is critical since in today’s world of blasting, no two jobs are the same.  Although today’s may only need to use crushed glass, tomorrow’s job may require something more aggressive like Jet-Mag.

  • Ventless Pot design (no trapped air – resulting in an even and consistent blast pattern)
  • Easy 5 step set up
  • 2-Layer powder coat finish
  • 25-175 PSI blast pressure range
  • Runs all media types (coarse, fine and non-destructive)
  • Blast or wash down mode on the fly
  • Each unit Factory tested before shipping
Model Capacity Dry Weight Capacity Minimum Air Requirement Air Inlet Size Electronic Media Adjustment? Integrated Water Tank? Wheels
or Fork Pockets?
EQp (1/2” OR 1”) 2.0 Cu. Ft. 220 lbs 90 minutes 92 CFM ¾” No No Wheels
EQm 3.5 Cu. Ft. 370 lbs 2 hours 185 CFM 1.5” Yes No Wheels
EQs – Single Line 6.5 Cu. Ft. 1070 lbs 4+ hours 375 CFM 2” Yes Yes Fork Pockets
EQs – Dual Line 12.0 Cu. Ft. 1326 lbs 8 hours
(4 hrs per line)
600 CFM 2” Yes Yes Fork Pockets