T-Link Hood
PAPR System

RPB® T-Link®

The T-Link provides high quality respiratory, skin and eye protection in a lightweight package.

RPB® Nova 3®

Secure Attachment

Tychem hood securely attaches to framework of the T-Link, ensuring it never lifts off.

Cooling Capabilities

The soft breathable inner-bib and extra tuck-in collar directs air down your body to aid in cooling.

Widened Field of View

Large viewing window enables you to see more of your environment, supporting greater precision and accuracy.

Clear Vision

Optional cassette lens system can be installed, ensuring a clear field of view in an instant.

T-Link Hood with PX5 PAPR System


T-Link Hood

Complete Comfort

The T-Link’s padded head-liner and head suspension system helps support even weight distribution, while relieving pressure points on your head to maximize comfort. With the optional Comfort-Link™ padding system, this can offer further stability and comfort.