Z-Link Helmet
PAPR Systems

RPB® Z-Link®

The Z-Link provides you with
versatile protection, perfect for
use across multiple applications.

RPB® Nova 3®

Exceptional Comfort

The Comfort-Link™ padding system support even weight distribution which eliminates pressure points on the head, helping to minimize aches/strains and the effects of fatigue.

Unbeatable Safety

Combining multiple items of PPE into the one system, the Z-Link provides certified respiratory, head, eye, and optional hearing protection.

Optimal Vision

The large, optically clear visor (ANSI Z87+) provides you with an outstanding downward and peripheral field of view.

Liftable Visor

Visor hinges open for quick and easy communication with your team (outside of respiratory hazards).

Z-Link FR+ Helmet with PX5 PAPR


Z-Link Helmet

Complete Versatility

The Z-Link can be configured in multiple variations, so that you can wear it your way. With the detachable Z-Link+ welding visor, five lens options, five cape types, a fully adjustable head suspension and airflow, along with optional accessories, the Z-Link lets you add, change, or remove features as you need.