Z-Link Helmet
PAPR Systems

RPB® Z4®

With comfort and durability our top priority, we’ve created a lightweight and ergonomic respirator that is designed to withstand the demands of harsh welding operations.

RPB® Nova 3®

Bump Cap

Our optional bump cap shields your head from unwanted knocks to protect your most important asset below.

Optimal Vision

The Z4 welding visor supports a large ADF lens with a rating of 1/1/1/2 for uniform shading and distortion free vision.

Increase Productivity

Quickly and easily transition between welding and grinding with the flip-up weld visor.

Adjustable Air Flow

The swivel airflow allows for easy adjust of air direction to suit your personal preferences.

Z4 Respirator with PX5 PAPR


Z-Link Helmet

PPE You Want to Wear

The Z4 has been designed with your comfort as top priority, resulting in a lightweight and ergonomically balanced respirator that reduces the effects of aches and strains on your body. With six points of adjustment in the head suspension system, you can set your own preferences, ensuring a stable, customizable fit.