Personal Protection Equipment Rental


If you are involved in media blasting, painting and coating applications, or site clean-up operations, ILC Dover Respirators can save you money, reduce fatigue, and increase operator comfort and safety so your job gets done faster.

Our respirators can also be used in the industrial workplace to provide a safe breathing environment. The organic vapor cartridges are designed to filter out virtually all contaminants including nPB, also known as 1-bromopropane or 1-BP.

PAPR (“Powered Air Purifying Respirator”) 


  • Lightweight and Portable (Increases productivity due to less fatigue)
  • Battery operated (8+ hour battery life)
  • OSHA compliant (No fit test or CO2 monitoring required)
  • Must still wear hearing and eye protection underneath the soft hood
  • Ideal for soft media blasting and IBIX cleaning; can be used for traditional “stand-up” sandblasting-not great choice if need to crawl around and perform upside down blasting (i.e. pipelines)
  • (1) pack of visor peel aways included with each rental
  • Made by the same company that makes NASA space suits
  • Cartridge life depends on blast environment (indoor vs. outdoor) and media type (dustier like soda vs. less dusty like crushed glass). On average, can last between 2 – 5 days.
  • Customer MUST PURCHASE separately: Hood and Cartridges